今日の単語 underpin

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1.今日の単語は underpin です。under も pin もわかりますよね。組み合わせたらどんな意味になるでしょうか。まずは例文をみてみましょう。

IEA: Spain’s policy plans set to underpin a successful energy transition – Spain has made considerable progress towards its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, but future gains need to be supported by stable policies, adequate public financing, and incentives for private investment, according to a new policy review by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Since the IEA’s last in-depth review in 2015, Spain has solved a long-standing problem of electricity and gas tariffs not covering costs, and has closed all its coal mines, allowing the country to prioritise the issue of climate change and align its goals with EU objectives and ambitions. Spain’s 2050 objective for national climate neutrality calls for renewables to provide 100% of electricity and 97% of the total energy mix. The country’s energy policies are centred on massive deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, electrification and renewable hydrogen. (from Energy Global)


Respect for personal information must underpin vaccine passports: privacy watchdogs – OTTAWA – Respect for laws and principles governing personal information must guide introduction of proof-of-vaccination certificates that could smooth the transition to post-pandemic life, Canada’s privacy watchdogs warn. A joint statement Wednesday by federal, provincial and territorial privacy commissioners said “vaccine passports” must comply with applicable privacy laws and incorporate best practices. (from Toronto Star)


Creating the ‘Nirvana’ experience to underpin your workflow – Businesses throughout the globe, no matter what the industry, know more than ever that their products and services must be as good as they are perceived to be. It’s a well-known fact that a happy customer will tell a couple of people, whereas a disgruntled customer will tell more than 3x as many. With that in mind, the differentiator in the 21st century between competitors has naturally become customer service. As a consumer myself I’ll regularly shop where I get treated the best – poor experience will stop me going back again, whereas building up a positive experience will in time buy my loyalty. This theory works within businesses too on the internal employee experience side – a happy employee who has what they need to do their job well with all the tools they need to hand (even through a pandemic), will be happier than the one who is struggling to get work done, if for example they have access issues to important information outside the office environment. So, what comes first? It seems to be a regularly debated topic when I speak to everyone around me – a business isn’t a business without customers, but employee retention and happiness is also vital. Interestingly, ServiceNow’s UK-based government customer Ben Davies from DEFRA explains that “ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management) has been a morale booster” — so improving the customer experience can help employee happiness. Moving from this theory, what then happens when customer experience AND employee experience are optimised? That’s what we are increasingly calling Nirvana, or the experience economy — an all-round great experience for everyone in your ecosystem, whoever they may be.

Nirvana はヒンドゥー、仏教用語で涅槃とか、至福の聖地という意味。お客様も従業員も両方とも幸せにしないとだめな時代です。

Recovery hopes to underpin Wall Street, vaccine makers slide – LONDON: Wall Street was set for a steady start on Thursday as confidence in the economic recovery offset jitters in American pharmas over rights to their COVID vaccines. Futures contracts in the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrials were all slightly firmer. (from CNA)

futures は先物取引。ここでの contract は動詞で収縮する、です。製薬会社はコロナワクチンをめぐって右往左往していますが、経済全体が回復すればウォール街も underpin されると期待。

Gradually, the laws that underpinned Apartheid were abolished.

アパルトヘイトを underpin していた法律が廃止となった。

When restoring the building, the first priority was to underpin the exterior walls by adding wooden supports along the foundations.

物理的に underpin. そもそものイメージかなと思います。

Falling unemployment was likely to underpin consumer confidence.

失業率が下がれば、消費者心理も underpin されます。


to give support to something or to provide the starting point from which something can develop.

to prop up or support from below; strengthen, as by reinforcing a foundation

to replace or to strengthen the foundation of a building

If one thing underpins another, it helps the other thing to continue or to succeed by supporting or strengthening it.




underpin 支える、根拠をあたえる


昨日の単語は 今日の単語 germinate



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